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6 REASONS to purchase
20 Guage Wire Mesh from
Byrne Distribution, Inc.

1" Mesh x 5 Ft. x 150 Ft. PVC

Competitors (China)
20 Guage
Duraflex™ Certified
U.S. Std. Start 20 Guage
Starting Wire
(Before PVC): 
.081mm ((21 Guage.)

.09mm ((20 Guage)

75 lbs per Roll 100 lbs per Roll (30% Heavier)
Electro-Galvanizing Zinc Galvanizing
Sunlight Protection: 
No UV Protection UV Protection
No Guide Wires or Apron Horizontal Guide Wires and 12" Apron
Rust Warranty: 
No Warranty 10 year Rust Free Warranty

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